ARPUS/ce, Version 2.6.2 (07/28/05)    (SCCS 1.18)

     commands - alphabetical list of Ce commands

       COMMAND        LONG NAME                 DESCRIPTION
        !             Bang                      Execute a shell command on text                      
        $             Dollar                    Reference the bottom of the file                     
        (             Pixel Position            Reference a pixel position                           
        "num"         Line Number               Reference a line number in the file                  
        =             Position                  Display the cursor (x,y) and [row,col] coordinates   
        [             Character Position        Reference an absolute or relative row/column         
        {             Window Corner Position    Put referenced row/column in upper left window pos.  
        /             Forward Search            Search for a pattern                                 
        \ or ?        Backward Search           Search for a pattern towards the top of the file     

        abrt          Abort                     Abort a search or echo                               
        ad            Arrow Down                Move the text cursor down one line                   
        al            Arrow Left                Move the text cursor to the left one character       
        alias         Alias commands            Alias a string of commands to a single name          
        ar            Arrow Right               Move the text cursor to the right one character      
        au            Arrow Up                  Move the text cursor up down one line                

        bell          Beep the bell             Cause a beep at the terminal                         
        bgc           Background Color          Change the Ce window's background color              
        bl            Balance                   Find a balancing delimiter, (),  {},  [],  etc.      

        ca            Color Area                Color a range of text                                
        caps          Caps Mode                 Toggle caps only mode for typing                     
        case          Change Case               Change the case of a range of text                   
        cc            Carbon Copy               Create a carbon copy of a window                     
        cd            Change Directory          Change the working directory of the Ce editor        
        ce            Create Edit               Create an edit window from the "Command: " prompt    
        ceterm        Create Terminal           Create a process in a window (alias for cp)          
        cmdf          Command File              Execute Ce command files                             
        cms           Clear Mark Stack          Erase existing marks (from dr, tdm, etc.)            
        cntlc         Control C                 Command for ^C definition, xc or dq -a as needed     
        cp            Create Process            Start a program in a Ce terminal window              
        cpo           Create Process Only       Start a process which is not in a window             
        cps           Create Server Process     Start a process which is disassociated from the login session 
        cv            Create View               Create a read-only window                            

        dlb           Delete Label              Delete label created by lbl in an area               
        dq            Kill                      Send a quit or kill signal to a process              
        dr            Define Region             Define a mark or the start of a text region          

        echo          Highlight Text            Start highlight text regions in reverse video        
        ed            Delete Character          Delete the character under the cursor                
        ee            Edit Erase                Delete the character preceding the cursor (backspace) 
        eef           End of File               Transmit an end of file character to a process.      
        ei            Insert/Overstrike         Toggle typing between insert and overstrike modes    
        en            Enter Newline             Insert a newline character at the current position   
        env           Environment               Display or set an environment variable               
        envar         Env Var Substitution      Toggle substitution of env vars in cv processing     
        er            Enter Raw                 Insert a single character specifying the hex code    
        es            Enter String              Insert a string at the current cursor position       
        eval          Evalute Env Vars          Subsitute environment vars and run Ce commands       

        f             Forward Search            Alternate syntax for /                               
        fbdr          Find Border               Change lines displayed above or below found text     
        fgc           Foreground Color          Change the edit window's foreground color            
        fl            Font Load                 Load a new font or display the current font          

        geo           Geometry                  Resizing and/or reposition the current window        
        glb           Go to Label               Go to named label created with lbl                   
        gm            Go to Mark                Move the cursor to a previously remembered mark      
        hex           Hexadecimal mode          Display non-ascii characters as hexadecimal values   

        icon          Iconify                   Iconify a window                                     
        inv           Invert Video              Swap the foreground and background colors            
        kd            Key Definition            Assign a Ce command sequence to a key                
        keys                                    List the current key definitions                     
        kk            Key Key                   Display the key name for a specific key              

        lbl           Define Label              Assign a label to a location in a file               
        lineno                                  Toggle the display of line numbers                   
        lkd           Local Key Definition      Key definition local to one window                   
        lmi           Local Menu Item           Menu Item local to one window                        

        mi            Menu Item                 Add an item (line) to a pulldown menu                
        mouse         Mouse to Text Cursor      Disconnect/reconnect the text and mouse cursors      
        msg                                     Display a message in the Ce message window           

        nc            Next Color                Move the cursor to the next colored text             

        pb            Pad Bottom                Position the window over the last page of a file     
        pc            Previous Color            Move the cursor to the previous colored text         
        pd            Pull Down                 Activate a pulldown menu                             
        pdm           Pull Down Menu            Toggle the menu bar on and off                       
        ph            Pad Horizontal            Scroll the window horizontally by columns            
        pn            Path Name                 Rename the edit file to a new name                   
        pp            Pad Page                  Scroll the window vertically by pages                
        prefix        Set Scan Prefix           Allow Ce commands hidden in shell output to ceter    
                      Prompt                    Merge user input into a command sequence in a key definition 
        pt            Pad Top                   Position the window over the first page of a file    
        pv            Pad Vertical              Scroll the window vertically by lines                
        pw            Pad Write                 Write the file to disk (save)                        
        pwd           Print Working Directory   Display current Ce working directory                 

        rd            ReDraw                    Redraw the Ce window immediately                     
        re            Regular Expression        Convert Aegis regular expressions to Unix format     
        rec           Record                    Turn on or off command recording                     
        redo                                    Reapply changes that were reversed by undo           
        reload                                  Reload the file from disk discarding changes         
        rl            return to location        Return to the location saved by sl                   
        rm            Re-Mark                   Replace a mark on the mark stack                     
        ro            Read Only                 Put a window into or out of read-only mode           
        rs            Refresh Screen            Refresh all the windows on the display               
        rw            Refresh Window            Refresh the contents of the Ce window                

        s             Substitute                Replace occurrences of a regular expression in a region 
        sb            Scroll Bar                Turn scroll bars on an off                           
        sc            Set Case Comparison       Set case sensitivity for search operations           
        sic           Set Insert Cursor         Move the text cursor to the mouse in mouse off mode  
        sl            save location             Save the current transcript pad location             
        sleep         Suspend execution         Cause Ce to wait for a period of time                
        so            Substitute Once           Find and replace only the first occurrence on each line 
        sp            Set Ceterm Prompt         Set UNIX window prompt - for "Ce aware" programs     
        sq            Search Quit               Abort a search for text                              

        tb            To Bottom                 Move the cursor to the last line on a window         
        tdm           To DM                     Move the cursor to the Ce "Command" window           
        tdmo          To DM Output              Move the cursor to the Ce Message window             
        tf            Text Flow                 Format text on a specified text range                
        th            Tab Horizontal            Move the cursor right to the next logical tab stop   
        thl           Tab Horizontal Left       Move the cursor left to the next logical tab stop    
        ti            To Input                  Move the cursor to the next Ce input window          
        title         WM Title                  Change the Window Manager title                      
        tl            To Left                   Move the cursor to column 1 of the current line      
        tmb           To Memu Bar               Move the cursor to the menu bar and freeze           
        tmw           To Main Window            Move the cursor into the Ce main editing window      
        tn            To Next Window            Move the cursor to the next Ce window                
        tr            To Right                  Move just past the last character on the current line 
        ts            Tab Stops                 define logical tab stops                             
        tt            To Top                    Move the cursor to the first line in the window      
        twb           To Window Border          Move the cursor to a window border                   

        undo                                    Undo changes made in a file                          
        untab         Remove Tabs               Convert tab characters to blanks in a region of text 

        vt            VT100 Emulation           Toggle in to/out of VT100 emulation mode             
        wa            Window Autohold           Turn ceterm autohold feature on and off              
        wc            Window Close              Close a Ce window                                    
        wdc           Window Default Colors     Set sequence of window colors to be cycled through   
        wdf           Window Default Geo        Set sequence of window geometries to cycle through   
        wh            Window Hold               Put a ceterm window into hold mode                   
        wp            Window Pop                Move a window to the top or bottom of the stacking order 
        ws            Window Scroll             Turn Ceterm window scroll on an off                  
        ww            Window Wrap               Enable or disable the word-wrap feature              

        xa            Concatinate Paste Buffs   Append one paste buffer to another                   
        xc            Copy                      Copy a text region to a paste buffer                 
        xd            Cut                       Copy a region to a paste buffer and delete the text  
        xl            Copy Literal              Copy a literal string to a paste buffer              
        xp            Paste                     Copy text from a paste buffer into window            


        intro         Introduction              Introduction to using ce                             
        .hlp          Help Help                 Introduction to using help                           

        xresources                              Arguments and X resources                            
        backupCon     Backup Concepts           Description of edit file backup modes                
        cehostCon     Display to host           Description of cursor movement and window scrolling  
        .Cekeys       Keydef File               Description of permanent key definition file         
        curswinCon    Cursor and Window         Description of cursor movement and window scrolling  
        hpviewCon     HP View icons             Putting Ce in the HP/VUE icon bar                    
        keyCon        Key Concepts              Description of key management                        
        keyboard      Common Keys               Layout of keys common across platforms               
        LinuxCon      Using Ce on Linux         Special considerations using Ce on Linux platforms   
        menubarCon    Menu Bar                  Description Ce menu bars and pulldowns               
        pastebufCon   Paste buffers             Description of paste buffers                         
        regexpCon     Regular Expressions       Description of AEGIS and Unix regular expressions    
        regionsCon    Text Regions              Description of text region definition and manipulation  
        securityCon   Security Considerations   Things to watch out for                              
        licenseCon    License Manager           Dealing with the license server                      
        xdmc                                    Execute DM commands from a Unix shell                
        ce_isceterm                             test if the current terminal is a ceterm             
        EBCDIC        (IBM Mainframe Code Page) Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code       
        ASCII         (Non-IBM Code Page)       American National Standard Code for Information Interchange 

        ceterm        (ceterm)                  Description of ceterm from Unix window               

        rlse          (Release Notes)           Description of changes for the latest release        
        unsupported   (Commands not in Ce)      List of commands not implemented                     
        support                                 Customer support for ARPUS products                  
        bug                                     Field report form                                    

  Copyright (c) 2005, Robert Styma Consulting.  All rights reserved.