ARPUS/ce, Version 2.6.2 (03/10/05)    (SCCS 1.6)
 cp [options] <command_line>
 "create process"
     The  "cp"  command is used to create a new process with  its  own
     ceterm window. ceterm typed in the command window is an alias for
     cp.  If the command line contains white space (has arguments) the
     entire  command line must be enclosed in single or double quotes.

     Most  of  the options and arguments that are accepted by  ce  are
     also accepted by cp. See the help file on xresources for the full
     list  of command arguments and X resources.  The -display, -name,
     -help, and -load options are not supported via cp.

     "cp"  without  any arguments creates a new window and  within  it
     runs your default shell.

     You  can also use "cp" to invoke a command other than a shell  by
     specifying  the  command,  along  with   additional  options  and
     arguments if desired.  For example, to start a process that lists
     the  contents  of the current directory and then terminates,  you
     would type

     cp /bin/ls

     If  the  command  specification contains  embedded  white  space,
     enclose  the  entire  command line (except the "cp")  in  quotes:

     cp "/bin/ls -al"

     "cp"  does not run the specified command inside a shell.  If  you
     want  the command to run within a shell, for example, to redirect
     standard  output (which is a shell feature), you must include the
     shell as part of the command:

     cp "/bin/ksh -c '/bin/ls -al > /tmp/ls.stdout'"

     Note the use of (i) the '-c' option to the shell, which instructs
     it to execute the command that follows and (ii) the single quotes
     to  enclose   the   command   that  follows   the   '-c'  option.

     "cp"  and "ceterm", when invoked from the "Command:" prompt,  are
     ce            (Create Edit)                         
     cv            (Create View - Command: prompt)       
     cc            (Carbon Copy)                         
     cpo           (Create Process Only)                 
     cps           (Create Server Process)               
     xresources    (Arguments and X resources)           
     ceterm        (ceterm - from shell prompt)          
     support       (customer support)                    

  Copyright (c) 2005, Robert Styma Consulting.  All rights reserved.