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This page is an anchor for the link to the Bob's Roller Skating Web Pages which I maintain. As chief scorer for USA Roller Sports, I have access to regional and nationals results and post them at
It is also the download page for Zub, a news group download program I wrote. This program is distributed as freeware. It has the usual freeware disclaimers however I do attempt to fix any bugs anyone finds. People who have tried it like it as it cuts through alot of the hassle involved in downloading multipart MP3, MPG, ZIP, and other files from newsgroups.
Skating and programming are not the whole story, I got my first elk The winter of 1999 and wrote up the adventure to go with it.
Also, my brother's home page
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Personal Photo 2003

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Ce Documentation and Downloads

Try Zub - Newsgroup Binary Loader

No, it won't clean your clothes or dishes, but it does a nice job downloading multi-part files from news groups. It is not a news reader, it is a specialized program for downloading files uuencoded, yEnc, and mime encoded in news articles. The program has been run on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows 2000. It also runs under Wine on Linux. It has been tested with both dialup and broadband internet connections. The program speaks to the news server in NNTP protocol. .


Screen Shot of Main Zub dialog


Zub in a nutshell

When you want to download multi-part files from newsgroups, such as .mp3 files, .wav, files, .avi files, etc, you have 2 tasks. First you have to determine if all the parts are available on the news server and then you have to select all the parts for download and tell the news reader to download and decode all of them. This is assuming your news reader supports this function. There is more information on similar techniques in some of the mp3 FAQ's anchored off

The zub program automates this process by scanning news headers and finding the files for which all parts are available. It displays this list of files and allows you to trim it. Finally it downloads the news articles in the right order and uudecodes them into files in the specified target directory. Since you may want to start the download and go to bed, it has the ability to disconnect your dialup connection and even shut down the computer.

Zub has been run on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT SP4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and using Wine on Linux. The zip file unloads into a single folder and all files related to zub remain in that folder. The documentation is in HTML format and included in the zip file which you can download (last updated 12/12/2005). You can also download Zub as a self extracting zip file. If you download the program and decide it fits your needs, write me and I will let you know when new versions are released. If it almost meets your needs, email me and I will see what I can do.

Issue History for Zub:

Bob's WebCalendar Program

Bob's Web Calendar Program is freeware designed to generate static web pages that look like monthly calendars. The program can upload the generated files to a web site via ftp. You can put text or images or other web content in each date. You can also put content above and below each calendar. It is designed to be simple to use and provide the basic functionality needed by clubs and other organizations.
More information and Download
Sample Output
Main Window Screen Shot

Sun Sparc Info

The company I work for sold off a bunch of surplus Sun Sparc 20's to their employees. As one of the early buyers, I had the honor of figuring out how to make this thing work on my home network. I have collected my notes into a set of web pages which are designed to help out a person who has bought such a machine. Some of the information is oriented toward the specific lot of machines which were sold, but the information and links should be useful to anyone who has purchased such a machine. Click this sections heading or the Sun Logo to examine these pages. Sun Logo

Linux Notes

CentOS 6 Migration from Fedora Core 6 Personal Notes

Making DOS (Windows) bootable CDroms

Making A Windows Printer that prints to PDF format

MVS HFS Sample Assember Code

Butchering an Old Sun IDProm chip to put in a new battery

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