Zub Release History

Issue History:

Release 1.14: (December 12, 2005)

Issue History:

Release 1.12: (March 16, 2005)

Issue History:

Release 1.11: (April 11, 2002)

Release 1.10: (Mar 5, 2002)

Release 1.9: (Sept 27, 2001)

Release 1.8: (April 18, 2001)

Release 1.7: (March 18, 2001)
Add data transfer rate counter to main panel. Allow "files to download" selection list panel to be resized.

Release 1.6: (May 1, 2000)
Fix bug in error recovery. If you loose the connection to the news server. the program attempts to reconnect and pick up downloading the current article. The program would get confused about the success of the reconnection and fail.

Release 1.5: (April 11,, 2000)
Add about button, retry server connect when download run starts. This helps deal with overloaded servers which don't always let you log in right away. Get horizontal scrolling to work when viewing list of files available for download.

Release 1.4: (Mar 25, 2000)
Add ability to process binary split files (eg: abc.mpg.001, abc.mpg.002, ...)
Note: Change in way server account information is saved, you may have to update your server userid's and passwords.

Release 1.3: (Feb 24, 2000)
In search of file names to download, allow shift-left mouse to select/deselect a range of entries.
In server information, allow up to 5 sets of news server account information to be saved.

Release 1.2: (Feb 16, 2000)
Major speed improvement in downloading headers from news server.
Allow search in list of file names available to download.

Release 1.1:
Performance Improvement on downloading headers from the news server.
Added check box to disconnect dialup connection on completion.
Added pulldown to allow selection which will shut down the computer on completion.

Release 1.0:
Initial release.

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