Fun Valley Colorado June 2015

Pictures taken Friday June 19, Dancing and Finals for the games.

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1 South End of a North Bound Horse Winners.jpg 
1 South End of a North Bound Horse Winners.jpg (6732K)
2 Biggest Fish Winner.jpg 
2 Biggest Fish Winner.jpg (6591K)
3 Golf Winners.jpg 
3 Golf Winners.jpg (6614K)
4 Horseshoe Winners.jpg 
4 Horseshoe Winners.jpg (6527K)
5 Paddle Boat Race Winners.jpg 
5 Paddle Boat Race Winners.jpg (6713K)
6 Wackey Ball Winners.jpg 
6 Wackey Ball Winners.jpg (6796K)
Friday Dancing 10.jpg 
Friday Dancing 10.jpg (6614K)
Friday Dancing 11.jpg 
Friday Dancing 11.jpg (6526K)
Friday Dancing 12.jpg 
Friday Dancing 12.jpg (6834K)
Friday Dancing 13.jpg 
Friday Dancing 13.jpg (6651K)
Friday Dancing 14.jpg 
Friday Dancing 14.jpg (6804K)
Friday Dancing 15.jpg 
Friday Dancing 15.jpg (6715K)
Friday Dancing 16.jpg 
Friday Dancing 16.jpg (6726K)
Friday Dancing 17.jpg 
Friday Dancing 17.jpg (6878K)
Friday Dancing 18.jpg 
Friday Dancing 18.jpg (6777K)
Friday Dancing 19.jpg 
Friday Dancing 19.jpg (6971K)
Friday Dancing 2.jpg 
Friday Dancing 2.jpg (6751K)
Friday Dancing 20.jpg 
Friday Dancing 20.jpg (6971K)
Friday Dancing 21.jpg 
Friday Dancing 21.jpg (6940K)
Friday Dancing 22.jpg 
Friday Dancing 22.jpg (6936K)
Friday Dancing 23.jpg 
Friday Dancing 23.jpg (7115K)
Friday Dancing 24.jpg 
Friday Dancing 24.jpg (6979K)
Friday Dancing 25.jpg 
Friday Dancing 25.jpg (6934K)
Friday Dancing 26.jpg 
Friday Dancing 26.jpg (6919K)
Friday Dancing 27.jpg 
Friday Dancing 27.jpg (6697K)
Friday Dancing 28.jpg 
Friday Dancing 28.jpg (6616K)
Friday Dancing 29.jpg 
Friday Dancing 29.jpg (6524K)
Friday Dancing 3.jpg 
Friday Dancing 3.jpg (6900K)
Friday Dancing 30.jpg 
Friday Dancing 30.jpg (6540K)
Friday Dancing 31.jpg 
Friday Dancing 31.jpg (6365K)
Friday Dancing 32.jpg 
Friday Dancing 32.jpg (6554K)
Friday Dancing 4.jpg 
Friday Dancing 4.jpg (6970K)
Friday Dancing 5.jpg 
Friday Dancing 5.jpg (6774K)
Friday Dancing 6.jpg 
Friday Dancing 6.jpg (6564K)
Friday Dancing 7.jpg 
Friday Dancing 7.jpg (6765K)
Friday Dancing 8.jpg 
Friday Dancing 8.jpg (6660K)
Friday Dancing 9.jpg 
Friday Dancing 9.jpg (6781K)
Friday Dancing1.jpg 
Friday Dancing1.jpg (6610K)
Gerri, Sandy & Doc with Elk.jpg 
Gerri, Sandy & Doc with Elk.jpg (7625K)
Golf 1.jpg 
Golf 1.jpg (3906K)
Golf 10.jpg 
Golf 10.jpg (6971K)
Golf 11.jpg 
Golf 11.jpg (5708K)
Golf 12.jpg 
Golf 12.jpg (5795K)
Golf 13.jpg 
Golf 13.jpg (5119K)
Golf 15.jpg 
Golf 15.jpg (5491K)
Golf 16.jpg 
Golf 16.jpg (5756K)
Golf 17.jpg 
Golf 17.jpg (5289K)
Golf 18.jpg 
Golf 18.jpg (5680K)
Golf 19.jpg 
Golf 19.jpg (5557K)
Golf 2.jpg 
Golf 2.jpg (4546K)
Golf 20.jpg 
Golf 20.jpg (5920K)
Golf 21.jpg 
Golf 21.jpg (4964K)
Golf 22.jpg 
Golf 22.jpg (4997K)
Golf 23.jpg 
Golf 23.jpg (4561K)
Golf 24.jpg 
Golf 24.jpg (5732K)
Golf 25.jpg 
Golf 25.jpg (5770K)
Golf 26.jpg 
Golf 26.jpg (7449K)
Golf 27.jpg 
Golf 27.jpg (7565K)
Golf 28.jpg 
Golf 28.jpg (6569K)
Golf 29.jpg 
Golf 29.jpg (6898K)
Golf 3.jpg 
Golf 3.jpg (4545K)
Golf 30.jpg 
Golf 30.jpg (4852K)
Golf 31.jpg 
Golf 31.jpg (4675K)
Golf 32.jpg 
Golf 32.jpg (4665K)
Golf 33.jpg 
Golf 33.jpg (6422K)
Golf 34.jpg 
Golf 34.jpg (5559K)
Golf 36.jpg 
Golf 36.jpg (6317K)
Golf 37.jpg 
Golf 37.jpg (6259K)
Golf 38.jpg 
Golf 38.jpg (5810K)
Golf 39.jpg 
Golf 39.jpg (5978K)
Golf 4.jpg 
Golf 4.jpg (4701K)
Golf 40.jpg 
Golf 40.jpg (5938K)
Golf 41.jpg 
Golf 41.jpg (4776K)
Golf 43.jpg 
Golf 43.jpg (5410K)
Golf 44.jpg 
Golf 44.jpg (5350K)
Golf 45.jpg 
Golf 45.jpg (5481K)
Golf 46.jpg 
Golf 46.jpg (6037K)
Golf 47.jpg 
Golf 47.jpg (6456K)
Golf 48.jpg 
Golf 48.jpg (5200K)
Golf 49.jpg 
Golf 49.jpg (5176K)
Golf 5.jpg 
Golf 5.jpg (5374K)
Golf 50.jpg 
Golf 50.jpg (5832K)
Golf 51.jpg 
Golf 51.jpg (6193K)
Golf 52.jpg 
Golf 52.jpg (5214K)
Golf 53.jpg 
Golf 53.jpg (4555K)
Golf 54.jpg 
Golf 54.jpg (7163K)
Golf 55.jpg 
Golf 55.jpg (6271K)
Golf 56.jpg 
Golf 56.jpg (6382K)
Golf 57.jpg 
Golf 57.jpg (5858K)
Golf 58.jpg 
Golf 58.jpg (5401K)
Golf 59.jpg 
Golf 59.jpg (5565K)
Golf 6.jpg 
Golf 6.jpg (4982K)
Golf 60.jpg 
Golf 60.jpg (6050K)
Golf 61.jpg 
Golf 61.jpg (6056K)
Golf 62.jpg 
Golf 62.jpg (5404K)
Golf 63.jpg 
Golf 63.jpg (6460K)
Golf 64.jpg 
Golf 64.jpg (5416K)
Golf 65.jpg 
Golf 65.jpg (5615K)
Golf 66.jpg 
Golf 66.jpg (5056K)
Golf 67.jpg 
Golf 67.jpg (6331K)
Golf 68.jpg 
Golf 68.jpg (5249K)
Golf 69.jpg 
Golf 69.jpg (5109K)
Golf 7.jpg 
Golf 7.jpg (5271K)
Golf 70.jpg 
Golf 70.jpg (5601K)
Golf 71.jpg 
Golf 71.jpg (5174K)
Golf 72.jpg 
Golf 72.jpg (5683K)
Golf 73.jpg 
Golf 73.jpg (7207K)
Golf 75.jpg 
Golf 75.jpg (5652K)
Golf 76.jpg 
Golf 76.jpg (5371K)
Golf 77.jpg 
Golf 77.jpg (5919K)
Golf 78.jpg 
Golf 78.jpg (5715K)
Golf 79.jpg 
Golf 79.jpg (5804K)
Golf 8.jpg 
Golf 8.jpg (5060K)
Golf 80.jpg 
Golf 80.jpg (6141K)
Golf 81.jpg 
Golf 81.jpg (5490K)
Golf 82.jpg 
Golf 82.jpg (5660K)
Golf 83.jpg 
Golf 83.jpg (5412K)
Golf 84.jpg 
Golf 84.jpg (6589K)
Golf 85.jpg 
Golf 85.jpg (6977K)
Golf 86.jpg 
Golf 86.jpg (6473K)
Golf 87.jpg 
Golf 87.jpg (6269K)
Golf 88.jpg 
Golf 88.jpg (5587K)
Golf 89.jpg 
Golf 89.jpg (5328K)
Golf 9.jpg 
Golf 9.jpg (4517K)
Golf 90.jpg 
Golf 90.jpg (5271K)
Golf 91.jpg 
Golf 91.jpg (4258K)
Golfers  & Caddies 1.jpg 
Golfers & Caddies 1.jpg (7743K)
Golfers  & Caddies 2.jpg 
Golfers & Caddies 2.jpg (6982K)
Golfers  & Caddies 3.jpg 
Golfers & Caddies 3.jpg (7595K)
Horseshoe Finalists.jpg 
Horseshoe Finalists.jpg (4416K)
Horseshoe Winners.jpg 
Horseshoe Winners.jpg (5137K)
Horseshoes 1.jpg 
Horseshoes 1.jpg (7327K)
Horseshoes 2.jpg 
Horseshoes 2.jpg (7677K)
Horseshoes 3.jpg 
Horseshoes 3.jpg (6791K)
Horseshoes 4.jpg 
Horseshoes 4.jpg (7302K)
Jennifer.jpg (1487K)
Jerral & Marilyn.jpg 
Jerral & Marilyn.jpg (4892K)
Paddle Boat Race Contestants 1.jpg 
Paddle Boat Race Contestants 1.jpg (6835K)
Paddle Boat Race Contestants 2.jpg 
Paddle Boat Race Contestants 2.jpg (7154K)
Paddle Boat Race Winners.jpg 
Paddle Boat Race Winners.jpg (922K)
Paddle Boats 1.jpg 
Paddle Boats 1.jpg (4277K)
Paddle Boats 10.jpg 
Paddle Boats 10.jpg (3876K)
Paddle Boats 11.jpg 
Paddle Boats 11.jpg (4434K)
Paddle Boats 2.jpg 
Paddle Boats 2.jpg (4893K)
Paddle Boats 3.jpg 
Paddle Boats 3.jpg (4408K)
Paddle Boats 4.jpg 
Paddle Boats 4.jpg (4880K)
Paddle Boats 5.jpg 
Paddle Boats 5.jpg (5956K)
Paddle Boats 6.jpg 
Paddle Boats 6.jpg (6668K)
Paddle Boats 7.jpg 
Paddle Boats 7.jpg (7058K)
Paddle Boats 8.jpg 
Paddle Boats 8.jpg (6143K)
Paddle Boats 9.jpg 
Paddle Boats 9.jpg (4471K)
Spectators 1.jpg 
Spectators 1.jpg (5834K)
Spectators 10.jpg 
Spectators 10.jpg (4610K)
Spectators 2.jpg 
Spectators 2.jpg (7423K)
Spectators 3.jpg 
Spectators 3.jpg (5598K)
Spectators 4.jpg 
Spectators 4.jpg (5982K)
Spectators 5.jpg 
Spectators 5.jpg (4385K)
Spectators 6.jpg 
Spectators 6.jpg (5056K)
Spectators 7.jpg 
Spectators 7.jpg (5575K)
Spectators 8.jpg 
Spectators 8.jpg (5377K)
Spectators 9.jpg 
Spectators 9.jpg (4183K)
Wackey Ball 1.jpg 
Wackey Ball 1.jpg (8242K)
Wackey Ball Finalists.jpg 
Wackey Ball Finalists.jpg (5013K)
Wackey Ball Winners.jpg 
Wackey Ball Winners.jpg (5435K)
Wacky Ball 2.jpg 
Wacky Ball 2.jpg (7554K)
Wacky Ball 3.jpg 
Wacky Ball 3.jpg (6162K)
Wacky Ball 4.jpg 
Wacky Ball 4.jpg (7053K)
Winners 1.jpg 
Winners 1.jpg (7707K)
Winners 2.jpg 
Winners 2.jpg (5629K)
Winners 3.jpg 
Winners 3.jpg (6601K)

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