Fun Valley Colorado 2014 Individual and Group Pictures

Square Dancing Group, Fun Valley Colorado 2014

Pictures of the extended family taken during the dances.

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Ben, Marika Will C.jpg 
Ben, Marika Will C.jpg (5679K)
Ben, Marika Will F.jpg 
Ben, Marika Will F.jpg (5803K)
Ben, Shirley Bryant C.jpg 
Ben, Shirley Bryant C.jpg (5954K)
Ben, Shirley Bryant F.jpg 
Ben, Shirley Bryant F.jpg (5340K)
Bill, Chris Smith & Tim, Patty McCauley C.jpg 
Bill, Chris Smith & Tim, Patty McCauley C.jpg (5693K)
Bill, Chris Smith & Tim, Patty McCauley F.jpg 
Bill, Chris Smith & Tim, Patty McCauley F.jpg (5000K)
Bill, Chris Smith C.jpg 
Bill, Chris Smith C.jpg (5483K)
Bill, Chris Smith F.jpg 
Bill, Chris Smith F.jpg (5175K)
Bill,Chris,Cheryl, Lee, Patty, Tim C.jpg 
Bill,Chris,Cheryl, Lee, Patty, Tim C.jpg (5653K)
Bill,Chris,Cheryl, Lee, Patty, Tim F.jpg 
Bill,Chris,Cheryl, Lee, Patty, Tim F.jpg (5727K)
Birthday Celebration.jpg 
Birthday Celebration.jpg (3954K)
Bo Bewley, Susan Chapman C.jpg 
Bo Bewley, Susan Chapman C.jpg (4412K)
Bo Bewley, Susan Chapman F.jpg 
Bo Bewley, Susan Chapman F.jpg (4433K)
Bob, Loretta Styma C.jpg 
Bob, Loretta Styma C.jpg (5844K)
Bob, Loretta Styma F.jpg 
Bob, Loretta Styma F.jpg (4711K)
Bob, Su Eason C2.jpg 
Bob, Su Eason C2.jpg (5286K)
Bob, Su Eason F2.jpg 
Bob, Su Eason F2.jpg (5287K)
Bob, Sue Eason C.jpg 
Bob, Sue Eason C.jpg (5586K)
Bob, Sue Eason C2.jpg 
Bob, Sue Eason C2.jpg (5307K)
Bob, Sue Eason F.jpg 
Bob, Sue Eason F.jpg (5327K)
Bob, Sue Eason F2.jpg 
Bob, Sue Eason F2.jpg (5223K)
Bob,Susan Lawson C.jpg 
Bob,Susan Lawson C.jpg (4092K)
Bob,Susan Lawson F.jpg 
Bob,Susan Lawson F.jpg (4670K)
Bob. Su Eason F3.jpg 
Bob. Su Eason F3.jpg (5301K)
Bruce & Carolyn Simpson C.jpg 
Bruce & Carolyn Simpson C.jpg (3933K)
Bruce & Carolyn Simpson F.jpg 
Bruce & Carolyn Simpson F.jpg (4196K)
Charlie, Therese Condon C.jpg 
Charlie, Therese Condon C.jpg (5360K)
Charlie, Therese Condon F.jpg 
Charlie, Therese Condon F.jpg (5026K)
Dave, Carol Laufenberg C.jpg 
Dave, Carol Laufenberg C.jpg (4922K)
Dave, Carol Laufenberg F.jpg 
Dave, Carol Laufenberg F.jpg (5623K)
David, Gloria Postgate C.jpg 
David, Gloria Postgate C.jpg (4699K)
David, Gloria Postgate F.jpg 
David, Gloria Postgate F.jpg (4206K)
Dick Jones, Doc Sullivan, Sandy Jackson C.jpg 
Dick Jones, Doc Sullivan, Sandy Jackson C.jpg (5742K)
Dick Jones, Doc Sullivan, Sandy Jackson F.jpg 
Dick Jones, Doc Sullivan, Sandy Jackson F.jpg (4992K)
Don & Jackie Koetter C.jpg 
Don & Jackie Koetter C.jpg (5720K)
Don & Jackie Koetter F.jpg 
Don & Jackie Koetter F.jpg (5274K)
Don. Lannie Whatley C.jpg 
Don. Lannie Whatley C.jpg (4439K)
Don. Lannie Whatley F.jpg 
Don. Lannie Whatley F.jpg (4950K)
DSC03599.jpg (6243K)
DSC03726.jpg (6593K)
DSC04030.jpg (5283K)
DSC04031.jpg (5320K)
DSC04032.jpg (5597K)
DSC04033.jpg (5408K)
DSC04407.jpg (5278K)
DSC04408.jpg (5095K)
Fred James & Joyce Thude C.jpg 
Fred James & Joyce Thude C.jpg (5902K)
Fred James & Joyce Thude F.jpg 
Fred James & Joyce Thude F.jpg (4988K)
Fred, Kim Goynes C.jpg 
Fred, Kim Goynes C.jpg (5443K)
Fred, Kim Goynes F.jpg 
Fred, Kim Goynes F.jpg (4676K)
Gene Ward , Camille Tyler C.jpg 
Gene Ward , Camille Tyler C.jpg (5397K)
Gene Ward , Camille Tyler F.jpg 
Gene Ward , Camille Tyler F.jpg (4871K)
Gene, Cindy Young C.jpg 
Gene, Cindy Young C.jpg (5696K)
Gene, Cindy Young F.jpg 
Gene, Cindy Young F.jpg (4851K)
Gene,Denise Berens C.jpg 
Gene,Denise Berens C.jpg (4859K)
Gene,Denise Berens F.jpg 
Gene,Denise Berens F.jpg (5369K)
Henry, Terri Wall C.jpg 
Henry, Terri Wall C.jpg (5196K)
Henry, Terri Wall F.jpg 
Henry, Terri Wall F.jpg (4451K)
Henry, Terri Wall F2.jpg 
Henry, Terri Wall F2.jpg (4569K)
Ibrey, Mary Bookout C.jpg 
Ibrey, Mary Bookout C.jpg (4508K)
Ibrey, Mary Bookout F.jpg 
Ibrey, Mary Bookout F.jpg (3841K)
Jeanie, Richard, Bruce Bures C.jpg 
Jeanie, Richard, Bruce Bures C.jpg (5370K)
Jeanie, Richard, Bruce Bures F.jpg 
Jeanie, Richard, Bruce Bures F.jpg (4719K)
Jerral & Marilyn Waguespack C.jpg 
Jerral & Marilyn Waguespack C.jpg (5943K)
Jerral & Marilyn Waguespack F.jpg 
Jerral & Marilyn Waguespack F.jpg (5253K)
Jerral, Marilyn White.jpg 
Jerral, Marilyn White.jpg (6304K)
Jerral, Marilyn2.jpg 
Jerral, Marilyn2.jpg (5377K)
Jerral, Marilyn3.jpg 
Jerral, Marilyn3.jpg (4353K)
Jerral, Marilyn4.jpg 
Jerral, Marilyn4.jpg (4523K)
Jess & Janet Gravelle C.jpg 
Jess & Janet Gravelle C.jpg (5542K)
Jess & Janet Gravelle F.jpg 
Jess & Janet Gravelle F.jpg (5111K)
Jim, Sandra Staine C2.jpg 
Jim, Sandra Staine C2.jpg (6038K)
Jim, Sandra Staine F2.jpg 
Jim, Sandra Staine F2.jpg (5019K)
Jim, Sandra Staine F3.jpg 
Jim, Sandra Staine F3.jpg (5208K)
Joel, Melinda Talley C.jpg 
Joel, Melinda Talley C.jpg (5912K)
Joel, Melinda Talley F.jpg 
Joel, Melinda Talley F.jpg (5175K)
John, Paulette Brown C.jpg 
John, Paulette Brown C.jpg (5453K)
John, Paulette Brown F.jpg 
John, Paulette Brown F.jpg (4926K)
John, Shirley Schmitt C.jpg 
John, Shirley Schmitt C.jpg (4337K)
John, Shirley Schmitt F.jpg 
John, Shirley Schmitt F.jpg (3948K)
Jon, Rachel, Ella Elits C.jpg 
Jon, Rachel, Ella Elits C.jpg (4653K)
Jon, Rachel, Ella Elits F.jpg 
Jon, Rachel, Ella Elits F.jpg (4080K)
Karl, Ann Marie Kottenstette C.jpg 
Karl, Ann Marie Kottenstette C.jpg (5134K)
Karl, Ann Marie Kottenstette F.jpg 
Karl, Ann Marie Kottenstette F.jpg (4937K)
Karl, Ann Marie, Denise, Gene C.jpg 
Karl, Ann Marie, Denise, Gene C.jpg (5880K)
Karl, Ann Marie, Denise, Gene F.jpg 
Karl, Ann Marie, Denise, Gene F.jpg (6112K)
Karl, Mary Ann Kottenstette 43rd Anniversary.jpg 
Karl, Mary Ann Kottenstette 43rd Anniversary.jpg (3884K)
Karl, Mary Ann Kottenstette 43rd Anniversary 2.jpg 
Karl, Mary Ann Kottenstette 43rd Anniversary 2.jpg (3901K)
King Killin, Marianne Gajewski C.jpg 
King Killin, Marianne Gajewski C.jpg (4894K)
King Killin, Marianne Gajewski F.jpg 
King Killin, Marianne Gajewski F.jpg (4333K)
Lee & Jennifer FP.jpg 
Lee & Jennifer FP.jpg (5550K)
Lee & Jennifer FP2.jpg 
Lee & Jennifer FP2.jpg (5910K)
Lee Boyle, Cheryl Bresee C.jpg 
Lee Boyle, Cheryl Bresee C.jpg (5487K)
Lee Boyle, Cheryl Bresee C2.jpg 
Lee Boyle, Cheryl Bresee C2.jpg (5215K)
Lee Boyle, Cheryl Bresee F.jpg 
Lee Boyle, Cheryl Bresee F.jpg (4944K)
Lee Boyle, Cheryl Bresee F2.jpg 
Lee Boyle, Cheryl Bresee F2.jpg (4886K)
Lee Hailey.jpg 
Lee Hailey.jpg (6005K)
Lee Hailey & Jennifer Gillespie C.jpg 
Lee Hailey & Jennifer Gillespie C.jpg (5549K)
Lee Hailey & Jennnifer GillespieF.jpg 
Lee Hailey & Jennnifer GillespieF.jpg (5165K)
Lill Bartek C.jpg 
Lill Bartek C.jpg (5091K)
Lill Bartek F.jpg 
Lill Bartek F.jpg (5081K)
Marvin, Tammy Lee C.jpg 
Marvin, Tammy Lee C.jpg (6116K)
Marvin, Tammy Lee F.jpg 
Marvin, Tammy Lee F.jpg (5146K)
Marvin, Tammy Lee Profile.jpg 
Marvin, Tammy Lee Profile.jpg (6118K)
Mike, Audrey Barnes C.jpg 
Mike, Audrey Barnes C.jpg (5018K)
Mike, Audrey Barnes F.jpg 
Mike, Audrey Barnes F.jpg (4889K)
Muriel Kuykendall F.jpg 
Muriel Kuykendall F.jpg (5331K)
Muriel Kuykendall, Maddie Lauderdale C.jpg 
Muriel Kuykendall, Maddie Lauderdale C.jpg (6005K)
Muriel Kuykendall, Maddie Lauderdale F.jpg 
Muriel Kuykendall, Maddie Lauderdale F.jpg (5224K)
Nettie Hale, Pete Hale, Faye Guenther, Lill Bartek C.jpg 
Nettie Hale, Pete Hale, Faye Guenther, Lill Bartek C.jpg (5154K)
Nettie Hale, Pete Hale, Faye Guenther, Lill Bartek F.jpg 
Nettie Hale, Pete Hale, Faye Guenther, Lill Bartek F.jpg (5337K)
Paul & Bonnie Norman C.jpg 
Paul & Bonnie Norman C.jpg (5333K)
Paul & Bonnie Norman F.jpg 
Paul & Bonnie Norman F.jpg (5588K)
Paul , Nancy Cranley C.jpg 
Paul , Nancy Cranley C.jpg (5406K)
Paul , Nancy Cranley F.jpg 
Paul , Nancy Cranley F.jpg (4830K)
Paul, Bonnie bNorman C2.jpg 
Paul, Bonnie bNorman C2.jpg (4818K)
Paul, Bonnie Norman F2.jpg 
Paul, Bonnie Norman F2.jpg (4328K)
Roger & Amy Johnson C.jpg 
Roger & Amy Johnson C.jpg (4322K)
Roger & Amy Johnson F.jpg 
Roger & Amy Johnson F.jpg (4410K)
Sandy Jackson C.jpg 
Sandy Jackson C.jpg (5007K)
Sandy Jackson F.jpg 
Sandy Jackson F.jpg (4733K)
Sonny, Kay Atwood C.jpg 
Sonny, Kay Atwood C.jpg (5067K)
Sonny, Kay Atwood F.jpg 
Sonny, Kay Atwood F.jpg (4338K)
Tammy Lee.jpg 
Tammy Lee.jpg (4381K)
Ted, Dana 50th Anniversary 2.jpg 
Ted, Dana 50th Anniversary 2.jpg (4318K)
Ted, Dana 50th Anniversary 3.jpg 
Ted, Dana 50th Anniversary 3.jpg (5916K)
Ted, Dana Webber 50th Anniversary.jpg 
Ted, Dana Webber 50th Anniversary.jpg (3423K)
Ted, Dana Webber C.jpg 
Ted, Dana Webber C.jpg (4560K)
Ted, Dana Webber F.jpg 
Ted, Dana Webber F.jpg (4617K)
Terry, Wendy C2.jpg 
Terry, Wendy C2.jpg (4531K)
Terry, Wendy C3.jpg 
Terry, Wendy C3.jpg (4543K)
Terry, Wendy F.jpg 
Terry, Wendy F.jpg (3978K)
Terry, Wendy F3.jpg 
Terry, Wendy F3.jpg (3794K)
Tim & Patty McCauley C2.jpg 
Tim & Patty McCauley C2.jpg (5633K)
Tim & Patty McCauley F2.jpg 
Tim & Patty McCauley F2.jpg (5037K)
Tim, Patty McCauley F2.jpg 
Tim, Patty McCauley F2.jpg (4955K)
Tim, Patty McCauley F3.jpg 
Tim, Patty McCauley F3.jpg (4332K)
Tim,Patty McCauley & Jerral, Marilyn Waguespack C.jpg 
Tim,Patty McCauley & Jerral, Marilyn Waguespack C.jpg (7390K)
Tim,Patty McCauley & Jerral, Marilyn Waguespack F.jpg 
Tim,Patty McCauley & Jerral, Marilyn Waguespack F.jpg (6326K)
Tim,Patty McCauley & Jerral, Marilyn Waguespack F2.jpg 
Tim,Patty McCauley & Jerral, Marilyn Waguespack F2.jpg (5893K)
Troy, Bridgett Brown C.jpg 
Troy, Bridgett Brown C.jpg (5613K)
Troy, Bridgett Brown F.jpg 
Troy, Bridgett Brown F.jpg (5191K)
Yellow Rock Kids.jpg 
Yellow Rock Kids.jpg (5283K)

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