Fun Valley 2010 Tuesday

Fun Valley Square Dancing
Tuesday Dance
Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Al & Doris Sutherland c.JPG 
Al & Doris Sutherland c.JPG (4417K)
Al & Dorris Sutherland f.JPG 
Al & Dorris Sutherland f.JPG (763K)
Billy Neal & Dianne Beultel f.JPG 
Billy Neal & Dianne Beultel f.JPG (884K)
Billy Neal & Dianne Bueltel c.JPG 
Billy Neal & Dianne Bueltel c.JPG (4439K)
Bob & Susan Lawson c.JPG 
Bob & Susan Lawson c.JPG (2119K)
Bob & Susan Lawson f.JPG 
Bob & Susan Lawson f.JPG (1023K)
Dick & Barb Klopshinske c.JPG 
Dick & Barb Klopshinske c.JPG (4486K)
Dick & Barb Klopshinske f.JPG 
Dick & Barb Klopshinske f.JPG (917K)
Don & Jacque Koetter c.JPG 
Don & Jacque Koetter c.JPG (4328K)
Don & Jacque Koetter f.JPG 
Don & Jacque Koetter f.JPG (859K)
H.R. & Della Hughes c.JPG 
H.R. & Della Hughes c.JPG (4409K)
H.R. & Della Hughes f.JPG 
H.R. & Della Hughes f.JPG (723K)
John & Shirley Schmitt c.JPG 
John & Shirley Schmitt c.JPG (4493K)
John & Shirley Schmitt f.JPG 
John & Shirley Schmitt f.JPG (1103K)
Johnny & Loyal  Howe c.JPG 
Johnny & Loyal Howe c.JPG (4324K)
Johnny & Loyal Howe f.JPG 
Johnny & Loyal Howe f.JPG (618K)
Lee & Kathy balance left & right.JPG 
Lee & Kathy balance left & right.JPG (3240K)
Tuesday Dance1.JPG 
Tuesday Dance1.JPG (3532K)
Tuesday Dance2.JPG 
Tuesday Dance2.JPG (3621K)
Tuesday Dance3.JPG 
Tuesday Dance3.JPG (3590K)
Tuesday Dance4.JPG 
Tuesday Dance4.JPG (3620K)

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